Traveling to Panglao Bohol: Budget Accommodations and Beachfront Hotel Deals in Alona Beach

By Jess Tampus

Panglao Bohol is a tourist destination and it is a struggle to find budget accommodation in the island, let alone beachfront hotel deals in the famous Alona Beach. Fair enough, the serene waters and the sugary fine white sands are priceless gems to make up for the money. The flock of foreign tourists also add up the value of the island.

However, it's not all the time that you can't find budget accommodations in Panglao. With sheer luck and some meticulous research, you will be able to get good hotel deals. This article features some ways to find an affordable place to stay when in Alona Beach.

Connect with Travel Agents

Now, I don't mean the ones in the office. Sure, they offer tour packages, but most of the time, they are a total ripoff. Do the hard work yourself, go online and check out websites that offer deals. Check out Trip Advisor and AirBnB. These 2 sites are very interactive and user-friendly, set destination to Panglao Bohol or Alona Beach to be specific, a with a few clicks you will be able to compare luxury or cheap beachfront hotel, BnBs, or any other type of accommodation in Panglao island. They always have deals to offer, so they offer freedom to choose a hotel deal to your liking.

Contact Directly the Hotel, Private Homes, Rooms to Share

One other way to get a budget accommodation in Alona Beach is to contact them directly. You can use the power of the internet to help you with your search. Most beachfront hotel offer discounts and additional perks when you book online, the same goes with BnBs. As to private homes and rooms, it's not a run-of-the-mill when you find good deals online. However, you can go to Panglao Bohol straight away and you may ask the locals where you could get cheap accommodations. If you're lucky, you may stay in a room or house for free.

Experience Panglao Bohol During Off Peak Seasons

This is no surprise here, it's natural that when you go visit a place, especially a tourist destination like Alona Beach, prices drop during off peak seasons. This is sometime after September, when foreign visitors are few, and around June and July when there are few local visitors. Think about this, summer break in the Philippines is from March to May, so expect a lot of Filipinos around this time. While summer holiday in the Western countries fall between August and September, and they all love the sun and beach when they go for holidays. Big establishments know this too, they will offer beachfront hotel deals at a much cheaper price.

Conclusively, one sure way to find cheap hotel deals is to go online. It doesn't even take hours to compare cheap prices and budget accommodations. Choose what kind of accommodation suits you, a beachfront hotel or a small room all to yourself, and go out for a holiday. We all need to relax sometimes, and when your idea of relaxing is down by the beach, then the lovely Alona Beach in Panglao Bohol is a must in your bucket list.

My name is Jess Tampus. Father. Carer. Part time writer.

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