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Are Leaders Really Needed in Organizations?

Are Leaders Really Needed in Organizations?By Ted Santos Leadership. Is it really essential to have leaders in an organization? For the past few decades, there have been companies that have eliminated titles. There are no CEOs, presidents or managers. In some cases, there are no individual owners. The employees own the company. In today's business model, some call it a Holacracy.Holacracy, also known in some circles as Holawhat is a business model that flattens organizations. "Holacracy was invented by Brian Robertson, a 35-year-old former programmer with barely any management experience. He created Holacracy in 2007 because he had a "burning sense that there has to be a better way to work together," he said in an interview with Fast Company."Zappos is one of the companies that adopted Holacracy. CEO of Zappos, Tony Hseih, gave an ultimatum to all employees. They were to embrace Holacracy or leave. He even offered three months severance to those who left volunt…

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