Questions to Ask About Your Value System

By Martina K

What is your value system?

Questions to ask about your value system.

Is your goal aligned with your highest values? Why is that important?

Today's opportunities are endless. Guess what, all of them works! The question is: will it work for you? Let me ask you a better question: Will YOU make it work? Let me help you to clarify important questions you need to ask yourself about values!

It does not matter where in your stage of life you are right now. Maybe you have already made a choice and still feeling like success is nowhere?

There are many reasons why you can not succeed and people are more and more honest with themselves. They do not blame others or the system, they know it's something they don't do, they haven't tried yet or they don't know yet.

People keep changing and trying different things. Signing up for more and more courses, another online program, joining different groups with the hope it will get them where they want to be. They are looking for the help to make them do it. To have accountability, somebody to check on them, to give them that push!

Yes, it all helps. We all need to learn, get the support and guidance to get there as fast as possible. As long as you are not jumping from one thing to another one.

Oh, don't get me wrong, I was the same. I even think that it's almost necessary to try and test different things to find out if it's the right fit for you or not.

Why is the answer in your value system?

Your goal has to be aligned with your highest values. Otherwise, you don't want it badly enough. What does it mean in your language? You actually don't want it!

Yes, mentally you get it. It all makes sense, your brain understood why you need to do it, but if your subconscious, your inner voice is not convinced, you are not going to do it. You just created inner conflict within you and a self-blaming cycle for not doing things you know you SHOULD do.

Your brain maybe wants it but deep down inside of you, the inner you don't want it.

You have not found the real reason that would align with your highest values and connected tasks to your goal.

If you really want something, you always find the way. It does not mean it is going to work on the 1st time or that you won't have any challenges, that you won't have to stretch yourself.

It means that you won't stop if it doesn't work on the 50th try. No obstacle or challenges will stop you. You will keep going because it is the part of who you are and it makes you feel good.

The real problem is that people actually don't know what they really want! They compare themselves to the illusion or fake pictures what they should have or should do because everyone else around them has or do that. Many people are afraid to face the reality, the real them.

If you are aligned with the real you and your highest values, you won't need any push, you won't procrastinate and every day you will wake up with the main thought: "how to make it work, what else can I improve, how can I help others".

What is the solution?

1. Be honest with yourself.

2. Know yourself, get clear on your values by taking your    FREE value test here.

3. Do what you love, what inspires you, what you would do for free and doing it anyway - your life is the clear indication of where your real values are. If you do something only for the sake of money, you won't last too long.

4. Not all tasks which you have to do to get you where you want to be are fun, enjoyable. But they need to be done. Especially at early stages when you have to do everything by yourself because of the limited budget.

Write down at least 50 reasons why and how this particular task can help you and will get you to another level. Once you are clear on its benefits and connect the task with your goal, your why, all tasks become suddenly easier and more enjoyable to perform. Once you understand how much it helps you on your journey to get you where you want to be. If it does not help and the concrete task is unbearable, then simply outsource it. You rather focus your energy and time on things you love and are good at it.

5. Be nice to yourself. Your current step you have taken so far doesn't have to be your destiny yet but certainly will open up another door, new opportunities for you. Eventually. So keep your options open and keep going:-).

6. Your value system changes as you grow and get older. So remember to take your test every now and then to make sure you do your priority task and living a fulfilled life.

Martina K

I am sharing my AHA-moments, blocks, limiting beliefs and bad habits I had to overcome during my transformational journey to live my ideal day. Either you are on the similar journey yourself or thinking about it but don't know how or where to start, let me introduce you to the educational platform and my mentors who are guiding me step by step. I hope, my tips and experience will inspire and help you to overcome obstacles and clarify your value system.

Martina K


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