The Millennial's Dilemma

The Millennial's Dilemma

By Muriuki Muthoga

The 21st century, brought along with it the internet babies or as they like to call us, 'The Millennials' which is a pretty cool name for a half- confused lot. For some its the best time to live while for some they would be better on Mars.

We are the millennial's; we lean near wisdom, because we studied linear equations. We found the value of X and now we ask Y, because we are too lazy to ask WHY. Some of us are poor, most of us have degrees but wash dishes but a few of us watch TV on satellite dishes. And no we are not messed; we have always played the card we are dealt. Some decided to play poker others soccer but a few jokers turned junkies. Those of us, who consider 'cool' as part of their DNA, are the millennial hipsters; and they probably listen to Justin Bieber. A good economy is probably a legend to most of us, tired of the stories, we just listen to reggae.We don't build mansions, we keep up with fashion. It is like a trend but a treat we should dread, but instead we lock dreads and don't win bread. A tragedy in the making but our spirits are Jedi, still looking for our moral compass but until we find our direction; you can find us here and there.

Out of courtesy call us Young Adults, though we are just young but do not blame us, we never ignited the flame. We found the fire burning and we got toasted, and fire fighting is not our cup of tea so we prefer coffee but end up smoking trees. Our females are smoking hot, mostly out of makeup but we embrace them because we have Photoshop. We are different and diverse, sophisticated and complicated; so are our values. Dignity is on hire- purchase, and virginity is for the highest bidder. Money gives your life a quality and depending on how much you have, you can be limited edition or people can edit you out of life with a mobile app.

We will still build the future, because that's where we are going to spend the rest of our lives. We appreciate our elders and guardians because they have the most experience being wrong and respect the authority because we don't know if 2pac will come back. We love our planet; we are good enough to man it. But our patience is running out, and few of us are athletes, so the world should give us our share, we don't want to stare and later tear as we steal from here and there. So on the walls of the future they will see our graffiti, 'we were here.'

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